Anastasia Sokolova: success thanks to pole dance in “Ukraine’s got talent”

Anastasia Sokolova: il successo grazie alla pole dance in “Ukraine’s got talent”
30 March 2013 by Paoletta in News, Show with 0 Comments

Not all of the talent show provinani have had the good fortune to Anastasia Sokolova, 23year-old Ukrainian presentatasi hearings “Ukraine’s got talent” with a number of pole dance. It only took a test, in fact, Anastasia to turn into a star of the web and make it known not only in Ukraine but also in the rest of Europe, and of course in Italy.

The power of social networks is known and the rest of YouTube the video of the pole dancer has exceeded 3 million views. Beautiful and talented, Anastasia was presented on stage with a latex catsuit and then danced to the tune of “Tainted Love” In Marilyn Manson. The exhibition was not only sexy, but also demonstrated the incredible abilities of Anastasia. Public and judges have obviously appreciated, so much so that the audience gave a standing ovation, while the judges have made it to the next step. Meanwhile, we can say that Anastasia has already achieved its satisfactions ...


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